5 tips to start the day right


Fed up of feeling groggy and unmotivated from the moment you snooze your first alarm to the second you set foot in the office?

The ability to start firing at the peak of your powers as soon as you sit down at your desk each day is largely dictated by one thing: your morning routine.

Establishing a positive and sustainable morning routine is absolutely central in the habits of all highly effective people; the people who are motivated, energised and focused on achieving their goals day in, day out.

We’ve compiled 5 key tips for you to consider incorporating in to your morning routine:

1. Set your mind up for success

Did you know that the first 20 minutes of the day are when your brain is at its most impressionable? Meaning that what you hear, read, and think about within those 20 minutes will shape the rest of your day.

Be careful not to get immediately drawn in to the noise of social media when you wake up; think about using the time instead to listen to some motivating music or an inspiring podcast that directly correlates to your goals.

Podcasts we’re currently listening to and can definitely recommend include Impact Theory, Les Brown and Mat Steinwede.

2. A daily to-do list

The value of to-do lists are well documented; they help you prioritise, they keep you accountable and crucially; to-do lists don’t forget!

There’s no better time to set goals and intentions for the day than when your mind is fresh and you’re looking to shape your outlook for the day. Carve out some time in your morning to get all of those tasks and thoughts out of your head and on to paper.

3. Morning exercise

Exercising in the morning, whether that’s it’s a run, a high intensity workout, a swim or a gentle walk is known to have numerous benefits in setting you up for your day. Morning workouts are great for energising you early on; improving both your mental and physical capacity for the day ahead as well as improving mood, sleep and stress levels.

There’s even research that suggests a morning workout is more effective in waking up the mind than caffeine!

4. Never hit snooze

As well as a whole host of research that speaks to the damaging affect hitting the snooze button can have on the overall quality of your sleep, giving in to the temptation to snuggle back down is also no good for setting the tone of your day.

By choosing to snooze over getting up and attacking the morning, all you’re ensuring is that before you’ve even got up, you’re already behind for the day. Banish the snooze button by placing your alarm away from your bed so that you have to get up to turn it off, and try and develop consistency in your routine by getting up at the same time each day.

5. Practice meditation

The process of meditating can be as simple as sitting quietly, focusing and redirecting your thoughts for 15-20 minutes at the start of each day. Meditation is an excellent way to increase awareness of your surroundings, build and develop concentration as well connect you to the present.

The benefits are multiple; not least that meditation is regularly described as “weight lifting” for your attention span. Setting yourself up to remain focused during the day ahead is a great way to spend your time each morning.

Did you know that the first 20 minutes of the day are when your brain is at its most impressionable?

For us here at Gill & Hooper, our morning routines – although different – help us to set ourselves up to achieve our personal and business goals each day.  

For Grace, it’s 4.30am alarm followed by the habit of immediately making the bed. Then it’s a 5km lake walk here in Canberra while listening to a podcast. A 20-minute meditation follows, then a good breaky and an early arrival to work where possible so there’s time to work on the daily task list before the team arrive. 

Meanwhile Hannah, who’s got plenty going on with a young baby, looks to set most of her meetings around morning breakfasts so that work can be tackled while enjoying her favourite meal of the day – and a coffee (or two, or three) at the same time.

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