Three ways to build your database


We’ll hit you with a truth bomb straight away right here: the bigger your database, the more successful you will be in the real estate game.

In an ideal world, your database would be overflowing with people to market to, communicate with, deliver value to and build relationships with. But how do you get there?

There are the obvious things like starting with people you already know; friends, family, social media connections. But what are some of the other ways that will help you establish a healthy database?

Here’s our top three.

1. network like a boss

Don’t be shy! Go to as many events as possible to meet people in related industries. Think accountants, mortgage brokers, buyers agents, sales agents and so many more. The more people working in the space you’re in that you’ve connected with and know exactly what it is that you do (including any points of difference), the higher your likelihood of securing clients via referral.

A network of referral partners is essential in building a functional and productive database. Essentially, the more relevant people who know you, the more people can refer business to you.

2. Make clients your ambassadors

Don’t be so obsessed with building a database of new leads that you forget about your most important asset: your current clients. Delivering the best service for your existing clients has to be your number one priority, especially given that turning these clients in to advocates for your business will ensure plenty of referrals from their own networks.

There’s no substitute for the power of delivering excellent customer service in ensuring word of mouth referrals from existing clients.

3. Service your database with quality content

The golden rule of marketing to your database is to never compromise on the quality of your content. Sure, there’s plenty you want to say to encourage your leads to do business with you; but is it what your leads need to hear? Remember that the user is central in creating content; avoid overly promotional marketing speak and instead, focus on delivering value to your audience based on their needs.

Providing insight and value to your audience through content will ensure that you’re top of mind throughout the decision-making process. Newsletters, emails and videos can all be extremely effective in communicating with potential leads.

What are your tips for building a database? Let us know in the comments!

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