Building resilience in property management


It’s no secret that property management is a fast-paced and often high-pressure industry, with the requirement to constantly juggle multiple priorities keeping property managers on their toes. In such a transient and often challenging environment, building and honing resilience is a critical skill to develop—and doing so will stand you in great stead for the duration of your career.

The ability to respond positively to challenges or setback, resilience is not an innate quality that you either do or don’t have; more a skill that can be learned, developed and nurtured over time by anyone; including you or members of your team and organisation.

Here are our top 5 tips for building resilience in the real estate industry:

1. embrace change

About the only guarantee in the modern workplace is that change is inevitable. With our industry going through significant change, particularly from a technological perspective, it’s crucial that we learn to accept and even embrace these transformations.

Understanding that the industry is shifting quickly and accepting that this will require flexibility and adaptability can help ensure that change is not perceived as a danger; rather, an opportunity.

2. document goals

Having specific career goals provides focus and clarity of purpose for employees. Goals assist in assuring your people that they are in control of their careers and therefore that much of the broader industry change is manageable. Working toward documented team and personal professional goals will enable your team to keep perspective and on track when change or challenges occur.

3. understand your why

Advice for you, or any member of your team, is to never lose sight of your why. Why did you join this industry in the first place? Why is what you do important to you? What motivates you to keep going through the more difficult times?

Having a higher purpose or why constantly in mind gives the bumps or setbacks easier to weather.

4. surround yourself with positivity

We’ve all experienced a toxic influence in the workplace; and as draining as they can be on a daily basis, they can also severely limit a team’s ability to respond positively in challenging situations.

Ensuring that morale is high and that your team is full of generally positive people and influences will go a long way to making sure that when tricky situations arise, people are able to pull together, rely on each other and adapt to the reality.

Having a higher purpose or why constantly in mind gives the bumps or setbacks easier to weather.
5. establish positive personal practices

Put the onus firmly on you to take responsibility for your own wellbeing and cultivating a positive mindset. Check out our article on How to stay positive in challenging times for ways to ensure that you’re putting yourself in the best position to respond well to challenges. If your proverbial cup is depleted, being a positive influence on yourself or those around you will be even harder.

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