How to create new routines and habits to set you up for success


Whether you realise it or not, habits account for a huge part of how you live your day-to-day life. In fact, according to researchers from Duke University—a whopping 40 percent of our daily behaviours are governed by habits.

Wanting to build new habits is a very normal part of wanting to grow and accomplish new goals (especially early on in each calendar year!), and establishing them can be integral to success, whether that’s in a professional or personal setting. Here are our top tips for creating new routines and the kind of habits that we all want—that will y’know, actually stick

Consistency Is Key

As with anything, it takes consistency to be successful. Want to make progress in the gym? The fundamental answer is consistency. Want to take the next step up in your career? Consistency. Want to make sure you get up earlier every morning to write in your gratitude journal and set the tone for your day? Consistency is a key ingredient in turning visions into realities.

Experts say that it takes 21 days to build a habit and 90 days to build a lifestyle—which means that being consistent for just three short weeks (a relative drop in the ocean in the context of your life, we’re sure you’ll agree) could incite real positive change with long-lasting impact.

Know Your Why

What is the broader intention behind establishing new habits? Is it to create a better lifestyle to support your long-term health? To meet future financial goals? To improve your mental health and wellbeing? Whatever it is, getting deep into why establishing a new habit is important is integral to its longevity and success.

Break Habits Into Chunks

If your goal is to take the next step in your career, it’s important to break down the steps you need to take to form the habits you need to make in order to get there. So; say your goal was to write a book, you might aim to make a habit out of writing for an hour per day. But, if this sounds like a big ask that overwhelms you at the prospect, you could break it down further—into say, two 30 minute chunks, or four 15 minute blocks. Whatever you do; break your habits down so far that you practically cannot fail.

Ultimately, if you want to affect change in your life, you have to address the habits that are so intrinsic to your daily behaviours.

You know those small chunks we just spoke about? Rewarding yourself for accomplishing them will help to establish the part of the habit loop where your brain receives a reward for doing the desired activity. However you choose to treat yourself, DO—because it turns out it’ll stand you in better stead for success. Winner winner, fancy dinner!

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, if you want to affect change in your life, you have to address the habits that are so intrinsic to your daily behaviours. Altering your habits has the power to alter your life, as long as turn up with consistency and purpose. No biggie, eh?

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