Five lessons we’ve learned in 2020


So, we’re nearly there. The end of 2020 is officially nigh—and we’re sure we’re not alone in feeling somewhat glad to see the back of what has been a trying, testing and tense year for many. It’s safe to say that 2020 has put the entire world through its paces in the shape of lockdowns, travel bans and an overarching sense of uncertainty.

Being the glass-half-full type of people that we are however, we’ve been fortunate enough to learn some real lessons from everything that 2020 has thrown at us; and we’re going to share them with you here, in the hope of inspiring a better, more positive 2021 for everyone.

Go after your dreams

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that there really is no better time to start working towards your dreams than right now. We talked about it in our blog about getting back on track with your goals; and the sentiment remains in this context too; that wherever you are, just start. Because you never know when a global pandemic might hit and things might be thrown off course…

Going after your dreams also means taking risks as par for the course —and accepting that some will pay off, and others might not. While that can feel daunting, taking risks is part and parcel of trying to succeed.

Pleasure comes in simple forms

In a world of uncertainty, taking comfort in the minutiae is the best gratitude practice of all. Whether it’s morning walks, fresh coffee, laughing with friends or exploring a new place (travel restrictions permitting, of course!), using the daily routines that keep us connected to who we are is integral to staying optimistic. For us, 2020 has reinforced that pleasure comes more from the daily acts of service to ourselves (the hot coffee, the morning walk with a podcast, a phone call to a friend), than from the big events and achievements.

The year of re-evaluation

2020 has undoubtedly been the year of reflection on exactly what’s important. We’ve noticed that when the world is quiet (and by that we mean when everything is stripped back, plans are minimal and you have to really focus on what’s in front of you), you get to really connect to what matters most. For us, that’s been family and friends, pure and simple.

Self care is not selfish

Newsflash—self care is essential, not selfish. We could throw all of the cliches at you now; about how you can’t pour from an empty cup, how you have to put your own oxygen mask on first—but 2020 has made us realise how true those sentiments really are. Taking time for yourself is an essential facet of maintaining your mental health, and you should never feel guilty, or apologise for it.

Small changes make a big difference

This year has taught us that small changes can amount to big differences. If you want to change a habit, change one small thing daily and the results over the course of the year are huge.

This could be making changes to your eating habits, committing to a certain amount of exercise or simply getting up an hour earlier each day (which, quite astoundingly, would give you an entire 15 extra days per year.) Time to take a leaf out of Grace’s book with a 4.30am alarm, perhaps?

Well, friends, 2020 has been – as they say – ‘a year’. Thanks for all of your support along the way – we’re looking forward to coming back with positivity and purpose in 2021!

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