How to build a winning team culture

You might be familiar with the term ‘raving fans’ – but if you’re not, allow us to break it down for you: raving fans are clients who are so delighted by your service, they can’t help but rave about your business to anyone who will listen.

Here at Gill & Hooper, we believe passionately in the power of creating raving fans – and that empowering and aligning everyone in the business around the work of creating a base of raving fans is what can truly set one company apart from another.

Three books you need to read today

You might be familiar with the term ‘raving fans’ – but if you’re not, allow us to break it down for you: raving fans are clients who are so delighted by your service, they can’t help but rave about your business to anyone who will listen.

Here at Gill & Hooper, we believe passionately in the power of creating raving fans – and that empowering and aligning everyone in the business around the work of creating a base of raving fans is what can truly set one company apart from another.

Creating raving fans

You might be familiar with the term ‘raving fans’ – but if you’re not, allow us to break it down for you: raving fans are clients who are so delighted by your service, they can’t help but rave about your business to anyone who will listen.

Here at Gill & Hooper, we believe passionately in the power of creating raving fans – and that empowering and aligning everyone in the business around the work of creating a base of raving fans is what can truly set one company apart from another.

The Juggle: How to cultivate work life balance

The concept of work life balance has shot to glory in recent years, as society moves away from hustle-at-all-costs culture and closer towards something resembling the hallowed concept of balance.

While work life balance is an idyllic goal, we like to keep things realistic at Gill & Hooper.

Here are our top tips to help you juggle it all.

Five lessons we’ve learned in 2020

So, we’re nearly there. The end of 2020 is officially nigh—and we’re sure we’re not alone in feeling somewhat glad to see the back of what has been a trying, testing and tense year for many.

Being the glass-half-full type of people that we are however, we’ve been fortunate enough to learn some real lessons from everything that 2020 has thrown at us; and we’re going to share them with you here, in the hope of inspiring a better, more positive 2021 for everyone.

How to set your week up for success

Something that we’ve noticed here at Gill & Hooper this year, is the difference that a bit of preparation for the week ahead makes. You know the old adage that failing to prepare is preparing to fail? Well, we’ve heeded some lessons from that concept over the last 12 months and have come to realise that spending a bit of time on a Sunday and throughout the week can pay dividends. We mean maximising productivity, having a clear plan, and taking some of the mental effort out of the coming week, so that there’s more organisation and less floundering.

Here, we weigh in on how to set your week up for success.

How to get back on track with your goals

It’s no secret that staying on track with your goals is hard work. It takes unwavering commitment and determination; things that fluctuate when you’re a, you know, human being.

In this blog, we dive deep into some tried-and-true tips on how to get back on track with your goals. Whether your goals are career, fitness, study or relationship related; these tricks will help you create an action plan on how to reignite the passion for your cause.

How to be an authentic leader

Being an authentic leader means genuinely relating to your team and investing time and effort in establishing meaningful relationships with them. The payoffs of cultivating authentic leadership are enormous; including trust remaining at an all-time high, eliciting greater productivity, enjoying a more positive working environment and a whole lot more.

Here’s our take on what it really means to be an authentic leader, why it’s so important, and how to harness the power of being vulnerable.

Tips for nailing your property management interview

So, you’re finally doing what we’ve basically been telling you to do all along; you’re interviewing to kick-start your career in property management or real estate more broadly. Finally.

Here, we’re going back to basics and giving you our top five tips for absolutely nailing your property management interview.

Five tips for leading a highly efficient team

You know and we know, and we know that you know that most leaders are only as good as the team around them. We’ve all experienced those managers whose leadership style is based on being social secretary of the office with KPIs around likeability versus the micro-manager for whom inspiration and empathy are seemingly impossible.

So, what’s the key to combining the two? Of being both an efficient manager and leader of people while inspiring, motivating and building a positive team culture?

Here are our five key thoughts.

Gill & Hooper’s top tips for getting organised

It’s no secret that if you want to be productive, you have to get organised first. Putting in place some simple organisational practices can easily equip you with the tools to put your best foot forward at work each day and achieve your potential within your business or career. Sound good? Read on for our best, Gill & Hooper-approved tips for getting—and staying—organised. You’re welcome…

How to build and enhance client relationships

When it comes to building, creating and maintaining a successful property management service there are many factors at play – and one of the most important, but underrated, is the cultivation of client relationships.

In such a ‘noisy’ society (we’re talking real estate and beyond), it’s never been more important for property managers to cut through and provide clients with meaningful, relevant and succinct communication that adds value and helps to make their lives as tenants or landlords easier. Sounds like a no brainer, right? Well, it’s something that often gets lost; forfeited along the way in favour of tech updates and streamlined workflows.

Technology and its place in the industry

Forever changing and constantly evolving, technology touches almost every industry—and real estate is no exception. While tech often gets a bad rap, well-placed and thoughtful technology can transform the way that people live, work (and yes, socialise—thank you Instagram.) It’s about way more than just the latest gadget, and can support businesses in establishing an effective workflow with ease.

Here are our thoughts on technology and its place within our ever-evolving industry.

Five tips for maintaining your work-life balance

As we’re all intimately familiar with, COVID-19 has thrown everything we thought we knew about the world of work into disarray. People have been forced in to working where they live and living where they work; think makeshift office spaces, multiple Zoom calls taking place concurrently in share houses and ironing boards as standing desks.

In this environment, how do we maintain a semblance of normalcy? How do we make sure that while the line between work and our personal lives has quite literally become blurred, we continue to set healthy boundaries and maintain a good work-life balance?

Hannah Gill’s 3 top tips on business

Hannah Gill (the other half of the dynamic duo that makes up Gill & Hooper, assuming you read our last article, Grace’s take on nailing property management) – is our resident specialist in leadership, culture and innovation. Reigning ACT Telstra Business Women of the Year (medium and large business), Hannah’s passion is driving growth and progress in the property management space.

Bringing her unique and varied background in virtually all elements of the property management business as well as her critical insights on people management with a team of over 60 people, Hannah shares her top tips on business. Be it real estate or other, focusing on these three pillars of good business encourage sustainable growth and a positive working culture.

Grace Hooper’s 4 tips for nailing property management

Grace Hooper – one half of the dynamic duo that makes up Gill & Hooper – has been in the real estate business for ten years. Over the last decade, Grace has dedicated herself to honing her craft in property management, all while gathering, analysing and implementing nuanced insights on people, culture and performance.

Property management is a passion of Grace’s (and of Gill & Hooper’s as a whole, obviously) and she’s unashamedly obsessed with all things best-practice in real estate. Today she’s bringing you her first-hand insight on four key pillars that help build a successful career in real estate. Over to Grace!

The property manager of the future

The year is 2040. The world is in lockdown due to a global pandemic. The real estate industry is unrecognisable. Oh wait… did we say 2040?!

Let’s start that again: what we’re trying to conjure here is a vision as to what the real estate industry might look like in the future. Or, more specifically, what the role of a property manager might be. There’s no doubt about it, the real estate industry is in a genuine state of flux at the moment and we are being required to adapt quickly, nimbly and innovatively. There’s no better time to future-proof ourselves than right now.

5 tips for managing change

From bushfires to coronavirus, there’s been plenty of cause to adapt and learn how to deal with change so far this year.

From the macro context to the real estate and business environment, adapting to change doesn’t necessarily come easy. Whether it’s getting used to a new business process, adapting to a technological innovation or a fundamental change in strategic direction; fortunately, there are some tactics you can keep in mind that can take some of the stress out of the change process.

Coronavirus and property management

How many times have you heard the words “unprecedented times” in the last few weeks? You certainly don’t need us to tell you that the world has changed for everyone; including the way many of us, in many industries, do business.

Property management as a profession – and the real estate industry more broadly – is no exception.

Here are three things we’ve observed since coronavirus changed the way we work and some tips for maintaining wellness during this time.

Why and how to reward your team’s effort

Employee engagement is an increasingly visible and critical component of the modern workplace. The research says that engaged employees are more productive, healthier, more satisfied, they stick around longer and they’re more loyal.

Here’s how you can make sure you’re rewarding and recognising your team’s efforts on a regular basis.

5 tips for dealing with difficult people

Ahhhh. We all know ‘em, don’t we? In fact, we’d bet a pretty penny that a specific someone or situation came to mind when you read the title of this article, right?

The good news is that encountering difficult people doesn’t always have to mean disaster for your business relationships. We’ve focused in on five strategies that you can deploy to de-escalate potentially sticky situations with difficult people.

How to create new routines and habits to set you up for success

Whether you realise it or not, habits account for a huge part of how you live your day-to-day life. In fact, according to researchers from Duke University—a whopping 40 percent of our daily behaviours are governed by habits.

Wanting to build new habits is a very normal part of wanting to grow and accomplish new goals (especially early on in each calendar year!), and establishing them can be integral to success, whether that’s in a professional or personal setting.

How to engage with your sales team

The relationship between your property management team and your counterparts in sales is, hopefully, very close. While you are focused on two very different functions of the business, there’s absolutely no doubt that alignment in vision and a positive working relationship leads to mutually beneficial business outcomes and a better client experience. And ain’t that what it’s all about?

Our Best Goal Setting Tips For 2020

Whether or not you’re into New Year’s resolutions—there’s definitely something to be said for setting intentions and goals at the start of a brand-new decade that will work to set the tone for the year.

Here at Gill & Hooper, we’re all about setting ourselves up for success, and, to us, that includes consistently working on goals and plans that will enrich our careers and personal lives. Here are our best tips for goal setting and planning your way to success during 2020 and beyond.

Ways to switch off over the Christmas break

Whether 2019 has been a year for your personal history books or one you’re in a hurry to forget, it’s highly likely you’re counting down to the end of the year—highly anticipating some much-needed time off to relax, refresh and reset before the start of a new decade rolls around.

Despite the anticipation however, it can often be hard to really switch off from work, be completely present in the moment and put next year’s goals and aspirations truly on the back burner. If this sounds like you—don’t panic, we’ve put together a list of sure-fire ways to ensure you put all-things office related out of your mind, to enjoy the rejuvenating break you deserve.

Building resilience in property management

It’s no secret that property management is a fast-paced and often high-pressure industry, with the requirement to constantly juggle multiple priorities keeping property managers on their toes. In such a transient and often challenging environment, building and honing resilience is a critical skill to develop—and doing so will stand you in great stead for the duration of your career.

Here are our top 5 tips for building resilience in the real estate industry.

Culture is key

We hear a lot about culture these days. There’s almost universal agreement that without a good corporate culture, businesses fail, be it real estate or other industries.

Everyone in your organisation is responsible for building and protecting the culture but there’s no doubt that good culture can thrive or die at the hands of team managers. Here are our top 5 tips for managers to cultivate and maintain a positive team culture.

Three ways to build your database

We’ll hit you with a truth bomb straight away right here: the bigger your database, the more successful you will be in the real estate game.

In an ideal world, your database would be overflowing with people to market to, communicate with, deliver value to and build relationships with. But how do you get there?

There are the obvious things like starting with people you already know; friends, family, social media connections. But what are some of the other ways that will help you establish a healthy database? Here’s our top three.

How to stay positive in challenging times

We all know how it feels when life starts to get on top of us, whether it’s from a hard time at work, a tricky personal situation or from sheer burnout. When the fog starts to descend, it can be really hard to maintain a positive headspace—however doing so is crucial to navigating your way through the challenge.

Here are our top tips to staying positive while working through tough and challenging situations.

How to hire talented property managers

Is your agency’s recruitment strategy working?

Recruitment is one of the biggest challenges that we as property managers face. Turnover in the industry is high and finding talented, enthusiastic and committed property managers can feel like an overwhelming task.

Here are our tips for getting the very best out of your approach to recruitment.

5 tips to start the day right

Fed up of feeling groggy and unmotivated from the moment you snooze your first alarm to the second you set foot in the office?

Establishing a positive and sustainable morning routine is absolutely central in the habits of all highly effective people; the people who are motivated, energised and focused on achieving their goals day in, day out.

We’ve compiled 5 key tips for you to consider incorporating in to your morning routine: