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Hannah gill & grace hooper

Combining ample experience with a resolve to do things a little differently, Gill & Hooper is a consultancy agency that provides exceptional service to the property management industry.

With over two decades of industry experience between them, Hannah Gill & Grace Hooper have worked across all aspects of property management including business development, leadership, innovation, rent roll growth and acquisition and managing property.

Hannah’s influence within the industry cannot be understated, speaking at conferences and Agencies across Australia and with accolades including REIA Property Manager of the Year (2014), LPMA Excellence in Business Development (2014, 2015), LPMA Excellence in Leadership (2018) and 4x Team Leader of the Year for Independent. Not to be outdone, Grace is a 2x McGrath Property Manager of the year (2016, 2017), Allhomes Property Manager of the Year finalist (2014) and recipient of Dexar’s Team Member of the Year (2018).

Although their experience is widespread and encompassing, Grace loves to talk about all things people, culture and rent roll growth. Having grown businesses from the ground up, Grace is passionate about best practice and efficient, profitable business models.

Managing a large team, Hannah is passionate about leadership, mentoring and professional growth. One to practice what she preaches, she has completed her Diploma in Leadership & Management, Cert IV in Training & Assessment and the Australian Institute of Company Directors course.

Gill & Hooper are passionate about changing the way property management is perceived, lifting the industry standard by providing tailored services with tangible outcomes, and increasing transparency and industry collaboration.


Five tips for leading a highly efficient team

You know and we know, and we know that you know that most leaders are only as good as the team around them. We’ve all experienced those managers whose leadership style is based on being social secretary of the office with KPIs around likeability versus the micro-manager for whom inspiration and empathy are seemingly impossible.

So, what’s the key to combining the two? Of being both an efficient manager and leader of people while inspiring, motivating and building a positive team culture?

Here are our five key thoughts.

Gill & Hooper’s top tips for getting organised

It’s no secret that if you want to be productive, you have to get organised first. Putting in place some simple organisational practices can easily equip you with the tools to put your best foot forward at work each day and achieve your potential within your business or career. Sound good? Read on for our best, Gill & Hooper-approved tips for getting—and staying—organised. You’re welcome…

How to build and enhance client relationships

When it comes to building, creating and maintaining a successful property management service there are many factors at play – and one of the most important, but underrated, is the cultivation of client relationships.

In such a ‘noisy’ society (we’re talking real estate and beyond), it’s never been more important for property managers to cut through and provide clients with meaningful, relevant and succinct communication that adds value and helps to make their lives as tenants or landlords easier. Sounds like a no brainer, right? Well, it’s something that often gets lost; forfeited along the way in favour of tech updates and streamlined workflows.

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